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The UP7 is a fanless computer case designed for ITX motherboard, which combines the popular open and lateral style with the function of CPU zero noise heat dissipation. As the exterior shows, the box itself is a huge radiator, and the fan cooling effect is better than that of air cooled heat (in the same volume).UP7 is restricted to U.S. users only,

  • Support the most INTEL LGA1151 interface's ITX motherboard
  • 4x2.5-inch+1x3.5-inch hard drive. Or 2x 2.5+2x3.5-inch hard drives
  • Fanless TDP is 65W, recommended to use the Intel i3\i5 standard voltage processor
  • Support ATX standard power supply, can be the two kinds of installation
  • Support 370mm length 48mm thick independent graphics card
  • Aluminum alloy anodized sand blasting process, laser laser LOGO

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Zero noise and high performance

Witn fanless ATX PSU and fan-stop function GPU card, UP7 can realize zero noise when you are not playing games. When the game is started, the only GPU card fan noise will be covered by the sound of the game.Is it smart?

As small as possible
The main body size is 187 x250x395mm, which is less than 18.5 litres and can be easily arranged

High performance support
At room temperature of 20 degrees, the temperature of the full loading CPU i5-7500 is about 68 degrees

Solid materials
5mm thick aluminum alloy heatsink . The base plate adopts high strength 1.0mm SECC, the heat pipe diameter is 8MM and the surface is nickel plated

Desktop art

Turemetal UP7 is not only a computer case, but also as an artistic product on the table, showing your high-end taste.

The surface process of anodic oxidation

The UP7 USES the same anodizing surface technology as the apple phone, providing a more nuanced texture than the cheap wire drawing process

Rich optional accessories
The future will provide a rich selection of accessories to provide more playability

Turemetal UP7 Product parameters
Product use computer case of FANLESS CPU cooling
Material Panel 1.5mm aluminum alloy, bottom plate 1.0mm SECC (galvanized steel), top and side plate 3mm toughened glass
  Side 5mm base plate thickness aluminum alloy two
Size 187 (high) x250 (width) x395m (depth) mm, not including top - cap hand screw height
Cooling The 8mm pure copper nickel plating 3, the heat sink effective cooling area 0.41 square meters, TDP 65W
MB support Inte LGA1151X chipset ITX motherboard without the side MOS radiators
HDD support 4x2.5-inch HDD Or 2x 2.5+1x3.5-inch HDD
PSU support ATX power supply (no more than 180mm in length)


Mainboard support list(maybe more)
Gigabyte Z270N-WIFI B250N Phoenix-WIFI  H270N-WIFI  Z270N-Gaming 5
AsRock H110M-ITX H270M-ITX/ac Z270 Gaming-ITX/ac B150M-ITX
Z270M-ITX/ac Z170M-ITX/ac Z170 Gaming-ITX/ac  
BioStar B250GTN ITX Z170GTN  B150GTN Z270GTN ITX