About us

Turemetal is our own brand owned by Shanghai jingxin electronic technology co., LTD. Company founder is a professional computer player Huang chunhui (mical.wong), an AMD black box 5000 + air group championship, after the IT168 \ ZOL reviews editor, early years part-time for the microcomputer "MicroComputer" and so on specialized hardware media compose a large number of professional articles. We used to be the agent of Shuttle and STREACOM, and we have accumulated a lot of operation and operation of high-level peripheral products. After the contract expired, we chose to independently develop and produce better products.

Turemetal is defined as the real material. On the basis of solid material use, we pay more attention to innovation. The word innovation is a word in many manufacturers, but we won't.

It's really innovating

We as a core team, we know the value of innovation, the product can be few, but must innovate.

The instinct to pursue aesthetics

Let the technology be artistic, we can realize the function innovation, not forget the human instinct pursuit of aesthetics, a product not only to use, but also to look good.

High cost performance

In the age of e-commerce, we abandon the multi-tiered structure of traditional agents and bring the best prices to consumers. Our products may not be cheap, but in the same class, we try to ensure the cheapest

Efficient after-sales system

We are abandoning the traditional guarantee store structure to save costs. During the warranty period, all our after-sales service is delivered by express delivery, which is simpler and more efficient.