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TP240 is suitable for a new desktop computer's built-in micro power supply, use with 12 v power adapter can replace traditional ATX power supply of large size, forming a set of zero noise PC power supply system. This product combines dc-dc transformer technology with single-chip control technology, which can provide more than 90% conversion rate and complete zero noise usage experience.

  • The rated 240W power can be matched with different power adaptors according to actual requirements.
  • 93 percent ultra high conversion rate, very low heat
  • The heat dissipation efficiency of heating components is increased by 90 times and exceeding long life
  • Full module interface design, support 8Pin CPU and 6Pin independent graphics card and 3 hard disk power supply
  • All tantalum capacitors are three times more reliable than solid-state capacitors and meet the demanding environment.
  • The whole copper nickel plating terminal, copper plating silver contact surface, provide the military grade electrical performance.

High - end power options for high performance small desktop computers

High-performance small desktops, as the representative of the nextgen PC trend in the microcomputer 2012 annual survey, 32% of the user to select a computer based on ITX motherboard under small desktop, form a complete set of high performance of small power, has become the most needed products in high-end players circle.

Super small volume whole module wire
Small volume of power, leaving more space for heat dissipation. For ultra-thin HTPC, the small power supply is the only option. TP240 has the same volume as the memory bar, but it has the all-modular customized soft silicone wire.

Zero noise gaming experience
Turemetal TP240 has a power rating of 240 w, collocation is common on the market of 216 w 12 v power adapter, can support i7 7700K and GTX1050ti level of platform,

Military grade material
Compared with the TL240 of civilian model, TP240 for high-end users and military use environment, the whole tantalum capacitor, heavy metal technology, double copper and other three major upgrades were adopted.

Triple security guarantee

Turemetal TP240 has triple security guarantee design to ensure the absolute security of your PC motherboard, CPU, graphics card, hard disk and other parts.

Intelligent SCM control

Before starting up, the program of the intelligent single-chip computer in Turemetal TL240 will detect the state of the power supply, and if there is a short circuit or voltage mismatch, it will refuse to boot.

Secure self-destruct chip and fuse

In use, if a short circuit or leakage occurs, the safety self-destructing chip and fuse will cut off the circuit before the accident, so that the user can check the problem. The single failure result also saves the repair cost.

Support for high-performance quad-core cpus

The CPU is equipped with a separate current supply to ensure that the performance is not compromised. The independent 8PIN cpus power supply, support overfrequency, and support high-performance CPU built-in core graphics card.

Energy efficiency requirements for far more energy stars

The high conversion rate of 93 percent is not only far beyond the current ATX 80 plus standard, but also beyond the traditional energy star certification. High conversion rates can save you a lot of electricity bills.

Support 3 hard disk power supply system

More and more PC users are beginning to use the SSD + HDD hard disk combination, with a light drive, and Turemetal TP240 to provide 3 SATA power supply interfaces to meet the needs of high-end users.

Radiation protection, anti - interference

Turemetal TP240 adopts full cover type aluminum alloy heat sink, can not only improve the power of the cooling efficiency, also can block the power of the electromagnetic interference with other devices, HIFI users need not worry completely, is also safer for families of children.

TP240 is a built-in micro power supply for desktop computers, with 12V power adapter for use, can replace the traditional large ATX power supply, and build a zero-noise PC power system. This product combines DC - DC variable pressure technology and SCM control technology can provide more than 90% conversion rate and complete zero noise usage experience. Anodized aluminum alloy materials are fully fitted with heat dissipation armor, resulting in extremely low temperature rise and long product life Higher rated power. The all-mode power supply interface is designed for CPU, motherboard, graphics card, hard disk, providing 4 independent power lines, providing better electrical performance and easier to comb and custom wire. TP240 is more than traditional ATX The power supply is more energy efficient and quiet, applicable to most small desktop computers (volume permitting) and all conventional tower cases (with mounting brackets). Main parameters: the rated power of 240W input current dc 12V typical conversion rate 93% support the 8PIN CPU and 6PIN independent power video card Embedded attachment: the main body of the power module, a set of special wires, supporting screws and instructions Size specification: the main body of the power module 155 * 32 * 20mm mounting hole is set with a 5.5x 2.5mm 12V power adapter interface with the installation hole of 139-147mm (3mm diameter screw bit) Wire specification: 24pin MB = 30CM 8PIN CPU = 35CM 6PIN pci-e = 35CM 2PIN DC IN = 30CM 4pinSATA = 35 + 15 + 15cm Safety specifications: the input for the safety to human body of the other 12 v low voltage direct current (dc), TP240 power supply module separately provide over voltage, over current and short circuit protection, to ensure that the extreme cases, the safety of computer motherboards and other accessories.

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